So you need a gift for Mother's Day...

Hi! I almost didn't write this. It's late, I realize. But, if there's ever a year you will get some slack for your Mother's Day present still being in the mail, it's 2020, amirite? I've compiled a list of makers/artists/vendors -- many are here in Triangle area, where I live, and some aren't, but they all ship! If your item won't arrive in time, just stick a note in the card and have a screenshot of it ready on your phone -- "I bought you this adorable art print/ piece of jewelry / soap -- it's on it's way! Wanna see, or be surprised?" See? Easy peasy. Some of these businesses have online shopping right now, some you can contact directly -- and all are totally worth any extra effort!

These are in no particular order, and if you have someone else you think folx should know about, please add in their comments! I didn't want to include pictures without permission, so you'll need to follow their links. And definitely check out their instas -- SO much beauty going on! Even if you've finished mother's day shopping, these businesses are excellent choices for future purchases!

shiny baubles and cute attire! 

Wind Blown Jewelry - I loooove her work, and Rachel has chosen such meaningful names for her pieces. It's all so simple and classy and minimalist! (instagram)

Kenda Kist - the only thing that exceeds her in-person niceness is the overwhelming coolness of her pieces. I've had my eye on her oval ring (gold, size 8, if you're wondering ;) ). If you're looking for funkier/edgier pieces, this is the place to go! (instagram)

Joint Venture Jewelry and Peachy Keen - classic or trendy, from heirloom pieces to on-trend items, they've got your covered! Clothes, shoes, engagement rings, consignment jewelry, what have you! This is a pair of family owned businesses, so you can accomplish a lot in one stop here! (joint venture instagram) (peachy keen instagram)

Lizzy Russinko - Her tees and hoodies, y'all, they're SO good. I also love her rainbow mug and her lettering. I met her at Camp GLP a few years ago, and we've become fast friends. So when I buy from her I get to shop from a woman-owned small business, support my friend and add cuteness to my house/wardrobe? Yes, please! (instagram)

Sela Designs - looking for some more colorful jewelry? They've got you covered! The pieces are bold and fun, for sure! (instagram)

for the Durhamites 

the bulls of durham - they have some limited edition bull love mugs left! go snag one before they're gone! I miiiiight have a small collection of these in my own house! (instagram)

hometown durham - all things Durham -- mugs, shirts, stickers (I totally want that retro rainbow sticker! and the Bull City hat! and the seven stars shirt!) (instagram)

for all sorts of goodness

Bungalow - with a storefront in downtown Durham, Bungalow is definitely an important place to check out - they carry adorable pajamas, cute home goods, scarves, candles, mugs and more! (instagram)

Bulldega - You need wine? Cheese? A sandwich? Fruit? Peanut butter? Mugs? A quick card, local art or a CR2F shirt? Go to Bulldega. It's close to Bungalow too, so you can go window ship there and then visit Bulldega, too! (instagram)

Doora Ceramics - Oh, y'all, her handcrafted pieces are breathtaking! She's offering no-contact pickup AND you local folx can get in on a giveaway with one of her vases and a bouquet from Wild Scallions Farm -- go enter, here! (and here's her instagram)

Designed for Joy - bags, bracelets and more that also provide a living wage to women coming from vulnerable situations. I love their use of color!  (instagram)

Specialty Design Co - has gifts for all sorts of occasions -- Mother's Day, Teacher appreciation, or just because! (instagram)

Adventures in Bloom - want a smattering of local goodness? This could be your place! Candles, jewelry, home goods and more! (instagram

for your walls

I'm a firm believer that there are enough walls to go around -- meaning that I'm a big fan of advertising for other artists that I enjoy! 

Elle Woods Co - y'all, I have an obsession. I have pieces of hers in three rooms in my house, in my market display and for Christmas and Fall. I think I need to purchase a piece for my new office right away. (instagram)

Sarah Savage - her colors are lovely, and I can't wait for my rainbow piece to arrive! Her hand-painted wood art is lovely, and she has a lot of ready to ship items! (instagram)

Lindsay Bong/ You Are Infinitely Loved - There's a podcast and floral art with encouraging sayings, double whammy! Lindsay is a delightful human being and a fellow Okie -- we met in college! Her work is beautiful and it would totally brighten up your home! (lindsay's instagram) (you are infinitely loved instagram)

Shelby Dillon Studio - I have three of her gorgeous pieces in my home, and I'm already looking for more! She's in the middle of her Art on Fire so you can bid on a new piece daily, or check out her originals and prints online! (instagram)

Andrea Smith -This Texas-based photographer offers prints of her images! They're lovely and colorful with great composition! 

CR2F - if you haven't checked out my shop yet, you totally should! Also, I've heard tell that a ready to ship sale of watercolor originals will be up tomorrow afternoon until Friday at midnight -- follow my instagram / facebook to get the notice! (instagram)

things that are yummy!

Durham Toffee - so much deliciousness in a bag, y'all! Durham made and totally delicious! Pick up a bag to complete your Mother's Day gift (and get an extra bag to share!) (instagram)

Foster's Market - they have delicious food and I encourage you to take care of their buy-meals-for-a-week option! Details on their website. (instagram)

DeeLuxe Chicken - grab a family meal so there will be no cooking to do! Lots of options, too! (instagram

Slice Pie Company - I looooove key lime pie. And they have strawberry and lemon and so much more. I might have to order some for myself! They have pick up in Raleigh! (instagram)

Muddy Dog Coffee - Old North State is my favorite of their blends. They have lots of coffee fixins too, if you need a french press or other brewing gear! (instagram

East Durham Bake Shop - so. much. yum. They have mother's day preorders, and you can still get in on it! Plus they have kitchen gear, cards, etc! (instagram

Jeddah's Tea - another downtown Durham business with some delicious offerings! I've had a bunch of their teas, and I haven't met one I don't like! (instagram

Bull City Olive Oil - using their oils is a treat! I always feel fancy when I incorporate it into a dish! (instagram)

Cocoa Cinnamon - they'll deliver locally or ship in other areas! I love their coffee, and especially love that they have it set up so you can support your closest location! Plus, you can get a to-go bevvy when you visit, if you pick up!  (instagram

other awesome ideas

Bull City Flowers - They're over capacity for orders this weekend, but you could totally get one for next weekend, and keep the kindness going! (instagram)

Joyful Acres NC - their plants are amazing! And, they deliver! If you've got a gardener to buy for, this could be a great choice! (instagram

Ninth Street Flowers - they're still taking orders for delivery in time for Mother's Day! (instagram)

Golden Fig books - this Durham bookstore offers online ordering of Used Books, and media mail delivery or curbside pickup! (instagram)

Good JuJu Herbal - their soap is divine. And their mission is like whoa. Plus, they're offering these amazing mini kits for healthcare workers, with some of their best products (although, spoiler alert, all of their products are the best). I always add a bar of Judith's soap to my holiday gifts! (instagram)

for future use

Nicole Faby Photography - especially if you're due this summer/fall, check out her gift cards! Her newborn work is incredible! (instagram)

Maureen Bales - if you're a pet lover, she's been offering $50 simple portraits of your furry friends! And she does custom family portraits, too! (instagram)

Frolic & Co - they're offering Milestone Minis to commemorate this time! (instagram)

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