Rainbow Unicorn Watercolor Tutorial by Carrie at CR2F

Oh, this one was FUN! We did Rainbow unicorns, but you could do any color combo you want! I made an outline for y'all, but you're welcome to freehand it, too! Cleona used some pearlescent paints (like these, and I'm also a fan of these!) and I used Prima Classic, Prima Currents and Jane Davenport Brights. We also used our sharpie pens -- they'll stay in place and won't be ruined by water!

Here's how ours turned out -- have a blast painting yours, and please share them with me on instagram and facebook!  f you're enjoying the content, I'd be grateful for tips via venmo or paypal to let me know you'd like me to make more, and I'll be using affiliate links when I can - the ones above are. And if you have a request for a tutorial, send it my way!  


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