Rainbow Roses Watercolor Tutorial by Carrie at CR2F

Well, sometimes I'm going to be great about frequent posting and sometimes...nine days. Thanks for your patience :) Hopefully this will be a three-in-a-row run coming up, with a fun one for Easter weekend tomorrow!

There's an outline for this one, though I go over how to draw it yourself. Feel free to fast forward through the painting part if you want to do it your own way. And if you want to see the final piece framed, check out my instagram - it's on the bottom left! 

You can learn about my supplies in my fancier supplies video (or get some basics from my initial supplies video!) and here's the outline! And if you're enjoying the content, I'd be grateful for tips via venmo or paypal to let me know you'd like me to make more, and I'll be using affiliate links when I can. And if you have a request for a tutorial, send it my way!  

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