Paint Along with Me - on Zoom! - Nov 4th, 9pm eastern

Hey everybody! This Wednesday I am going to have an online paint-along. You can use whatever paint you have, but I'll be using watercolors, and a recommended supply list is below. Bring your beverage of choice, invite your friends, and come make art. You also do not have to paint what I'm painting -- the goal is to set aside time to be creative in a community setting. Kiddos are more than welcome, but this is geared at adults. And it's intended to be non-partisan -- the idea is to get a mental break from politics during this time of transition, not start a dialogue about political issues. We'll paint something floral, but I haven't decided what yet! 

First: sign up here. It's the only way you'll get the zoom link. :)

Then, go buy your supplies, or use what you have. The ones listed below are my recommendations and *should* be there in time if you order today, but you can use whatever you like. These are amazon affiliate links, but you can find some of it in your local art store.

Paper: For watercolor I really like the Canson XL 9x12 page and Strathmore 5x7 individual sheets. 

Paintbeginner qualityPrang set of 8 pansPrang set of 16 pans, Reeves Tubes

really nice but affordable: Prima pan sets in Classic and Tropical,  Jane Davenport Brights

Brushes:  I am loving this set right now, especially because it's inexpensive and there's a wide variety of sizes included. These Princeton ones are great, too -- I recommend getting a Six and a Two to start with.  Or, there's this handy dandy set! 

Other items you might want: paper towel, jar of water, tape for your paper, these hardboards for your painting backing, comfy clothes. 

Otherwise, bring your beverage of choice, invite your friends and come hang out with me online! This event is free. If you feel inclined, I'm accepting donations at venmo - sayheytocarrie or paypal (details in form). 

"Why am I doing this?" you might ask. Well, four years ago, the Wednesday after the election a nearby church had a service specifically for the purpose of giving people a place to gather as a community. It was really helpful just to be around others that day -- we already knew the results, and we very likely won't this year. I know that I'm a better version of myself when I paint -- and so I planned on doing just that. I knew that some of you might enjoy it, too. <3 

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