Block Lettering - Watercolor Tutorial by Carrie at CR2F

Before we get into the block lettering process, here's a fun fact about the English language -- we have a very specific word order that native English speakers don't even learn, we just pick up, but people who learn English later in life have to learn it, see? In this video, my friend Linus and I talk about the process of block lettering, and how to use it in watercolor. While you're practicing and learning how to block letter, you can also use this template to trace your letters. To do this, you can either hold your piece of paper up to a monitor or ipad with the image displayed, or if you print it out, put the printed piece up to a window and your watercolor paper over it to trace!

We used our watercolor paper, Jane Davenport Brights paints. 



You can make SO many different designs and phrases with this! Choose your first or last name, a family saying, the word love, whatever you like!

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