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Hi! I'm sharing this on my instagram, too (if you're not following, just click here and do it - I'll wait!)  - and knew I'd be able to go into more detail here!

So, I'm Carrie, the artist / creator / visionary / CEO / jane of all trades behind cr2f. I love sharing my art with y'all, and I think it's high time I share a little more about ME. So, hows abouts we start with 7 things?

1. I originally hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but have lived in North Carolina for 15 years now, and Durham for 10 of them.
2. Speaking of which, I love all things Durham - I love the city so much I married it! Bull City and I get along swimmingly, with all of its incredible people, open-mindedness, passionate hearts, delicious food, amazing craft beer and wonderful businesses. It makes my heart happy. It has been incredible seeing it grow and change over the past 15 years!
3. I am grateful to have two unbelievably fantastic kiddos, Cleona and George. I always dreamed of being a momma, and am so lucky to be theirs! Cleona and I share a namesake - my great great aunt on my mom's side (Cleona Carrie) and George is named after six wonderful men - his Pop Pop, Uncle and Great-Grandfather, but also my Great-Grandfather, Great Great Uncle and my best friend, Sterling. 
4. I have zero formal training in art, but I do have a degree in Chemical Engineering with minors in Chemistry and English from the University of Tulsa, and got halfway through a masters in Civil Engineering from NC State.
5. I've always loved anything crafty or artistic. I haven't met a craft or art form I didn't like - -photography - knitting - acrylics - origami - music -dance - friendship bracelet making - sewing - bubble art -- you name it, I've likely tried it and love it. I'm grateful for my mom who taught me a lot, and my art teachers and other influences like my dad and step-dad, who introduced me to so many different ways to create!
6. I am a lifelong Girl Scout, and a proud Kappa Delta. :)
7. I'm a sucker for punny jokes. They're my very favorite kind, and always evoke memories of sitting down for dessert at big family meals. My granddad and I would always share as many punny things as we could in hopes of getting others to get up from the table so we could get more homemade pie! 
photo by Radian Photography

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